[Book Review] Gifted, Bullied, Resilient: A book for every gifted adult

Pamela Price‘s new book, Gifted, Bullied, Resilient, describes the social stigma of being different, the pain of bullying, and the immense strength it takes to get through the damage, short-term and long-term, that such actions cause. For me, it was an eye-opening, third-person view into many of the social struggles I have faced.

In her prologue, Price offers a series of scenarios, which set the tone for her book. She draws from her own experiences as a parent and a professional, and provides a refreshingly honest description of the impacts bullying can have on people, even years afterward. Her tools for handling bullying as parents can be adjusted to fit many adult scenarios, particularly with regard to incidents at schools versus work.

Just recently I had a workplace experience in which my needs as a 2e adult were viewed as laziness, and I became the subject of relational aggression. A few weeks in, I read Gifted, Bullied, Resilient, and its descriptive nature helped me recognize what was going on. My efforts to address the situation had followed a path similar to what Price describes, and I was at a point where the next appropriate step was to remove myself from the situation. This book gave me the confidence to make that necessary decision.

Gifted, Bullied, Resilient also helped me to process these events afterwards. More than any other book on being gifted or autistic or 2e or food allergic or female or any combination thereof, it helped me feel that I was not alone in my experiences. It gave me the tools to recognize that the costs of staying at my previous position far exceeded the benefits, and to accept that that was not my fault. Chapter five, Nurturing resilience and healthy relationships, was especially helpful for me in this regard.

I have no doubt that I will experience bullying and relational aggression again in the future, but for the first time in my life, I feel I have some tools to help me handle it.

About ecosciencegirl

Professionally, I am a graduate student at The Evergreen State College in their Master's of Environmental Studies program, with a Bachelor's of Science from Southern Oregon University in Environmental Studies and Biology. I am a science instructor for GHF Online (Gifted Homeschoolers Forum) and I volunteer at the WET Center, a science museum in Olympia, WA. Personally, I am a young adult who is fascinated with the environment, loves to read and write, and adores all animals (especially cats). In general, I do a lot of climate change activism, and I'm passionate about social and environmental justice. Someday I would like to be a teacher, field researcher, and/or policy maker. If possible, I would also like to save the world from humanity.
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One Response to [Book Review] Gifted, Bullied, Resilient: A book for every gifted adult

  1. poprice says:

    Reblogged this on Red, White & Grew™ with Pamela Price and commented:
    There are so many great reviews incoming about my book, but this one, by Madeline Goodwin, is my current favorite.

    When I was writing “Gifted, Bullied, Resilient,” I never dreamed that gifted kids, teens, and young adults would read it. And yet Madeline and others have done just that. In fact, at my talk during the SENG 2015 conference last week in Denver, one parent told me that her gradeschool-aged daughter read the prologue and slept soundly for the first time in a long while. As an author, that’s an amazing story. As a human, it’s downright humbling.

    I hope you’ll take a moment to read what Madeline wrote over on her blog.


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