The Final Glass Ceiling

You know why I’m voting for Hillary? Because I understand the obstacles she has had to overcome. I have watched my mom fight against the sexist double standard of the family court system. I have been dismissed, interrupted, and mansplained to for years. I was the cute little sister of my college campus. I have more professional experience than most young adults, but I have to practically recite my resume before anyone takes me seriously.

I want to run for elected office someday, but when I mention that to someone who could help me get there, I am treated as being less serious about my career. I read the articles about how to advance your career when you’re young and then try to implement that advice – and get told I should “tone it down a little,” even by those who are otherwise supportive.

I am afraid to put my ambitions on a dating profile because I know if I do, I will get clicked past. I play down my dreams in the fear that they will be perceived as unrealistic. I have my personality rejected for, essentially, being too masculine.

You know what? Fuck that. I have lived my entire life breaking down barriers. I broke down food allergy barriers in preschool. I broke down autism barriers in my childhood social group. I broke down age barriers in college admissions. I broke down disability barriers in college and grad school. I broke down domestic abuse barriers in learning to love and trust my step-dad. It’s never been easy, but it’s worth it because I know I have made it easier for others to follow me. So what’s a lifetime more of breaking down gender barriers?

I’m caucusing for Hillary because I know what she has fought through, and I admire her for everything she has done both in spite and because of those struggles. I invite you to join me, because she will break that final glass ceiling.

About ecosciencegirl

Professionally, I am a graduate student at The Evergreen State College in their Master's of Environmental Studies program, with a Bachelor's of Science from Southern Oregon University in Environmental Studies and Biology. I am a science instructor for GHF Online (Gifted Homeschoolers Forum) and I volunteer at the WET Center, a science museum in Olympia, WA. Personally, I am a young adult who is fascinated with the environment, loves to read and write, and adores all animals (especially cats). In general, I do a lot of climate change activism, and I'm passionate about social and environmental justice. Someday I would like to be a teacher, field researcher, and/or policy maker. If possible, I would also like to save the world from humanity.
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2 Responses to The Final Glass Ceiling

  1. Dominic says:

    Keep at it. Excellence is something people do not get. It is something they will strive because they think less of themselves so do believe they deserve. I am sure some people think they helping by lowering your expectations to make more realistic goals. Fuck that. If they are not gonna help lift you up then they are not worth the time. Move on. Find people that support your dreams and goals. It ultimately falls on you to make it happen.

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