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Helping Homework Help

Homework is a learning tool. Students may need to be guided through one, two, ten, or twenty practice problems before they understand that they are learning; but in my experience, once they can do two or three problems without guidance, … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Writing Your Own Script: Struggling and Succeeding in Socializing

I last reviewed this book in November 2015. However, my perspective has changed significantly, and I wanted to revisit it. Finding and making friends has always been really hard for me. My constant refrain as a child was “I don’t … Continue reading

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Exceeding Expectations in Tutoring and Mentoring

I’ve known I wanted to teach since I was a little kid. My dolls were lined up for lessons; my poor brother and cousins got roped into “playing school” with me. All through college and grad school, I would watch … Continue reading

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A New Era

The general consensus seems to be that 2016 was not a good year. For me as an individual, it was pretty good: I finished my Master’s degree, I’m doing more teaching and tutoring, and my partner and I celebrated our … Continue reading

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Teaching for the Future

Teaching is the only social interaction that comes naturally to me. Sharing information, explaining things to other people – it is not only easy, but it gives me joy. That is why I teach for GHF Online, and why I … Continue reading

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Talking Climate Change with Kids

As an environmental science instructor, there comes a time each term where I have to talk about climate change with my students. The reaction is predictable: they start saying how awful it is, they get scared about the consequences, and they … Continue reading

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Seeing Success, Feeling Failure

I have never been good at failing. As a child, if I was dissatisfied with my handwriting, I would spend hours and hours practicing, using up page after page of paper. When I began to struggle during my figure skating … Continue reading

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Internship on Capitol Hill

This past semester, I did an internship with the League of Women Voters of Washington (LWVWA), working with their Energy and Climate Change lobbyist at the Washington state legislature in Olympia, WA. I had sought out this opportunity because I … Continue reading

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Looking Back: Intro to Planet Earth (GHF Online)

Fall 2015 is over. My students have presented, evaluations have been sent out, and it’s over. Intro to Planet Earth is over – at least until next year. This term seemed to fly by! I loved working with these kids. … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Writing Your Own Script: A Parent’s Role in the Gifted Child’s Social Development

Writing Your Own Script, by Corin Barsily Goodwin and Mika Gustavson, MFT (co-authors of Making The Choice: When Typical School Doesn’t Fit Your Atypical Child), is the book my family wishes we had when I was little. Incidentally, my mother is one … Continue reading

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