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Teaching for the Future

Teaching is the only social interaction that comes naturally to me. Sharing information, explaining things to other people – it is not only easy, but it gives me joy. That is why I teach for GHF Online, and why I … Continue reading

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Talking Climate Change with Kids

As an environmental science instructor, there comes a time each term where I have to talk about climate change with my students. The reaction is predictable: they start saying how awful it is, they get scared about the consequences, and they … Continue reading

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A world of sHell

Right now there is an oil drilling platform, owned by Shell, just off the coast of Washington State, within kayak distance. I know that last part because on Saturday, May 16, approximately five hundred kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and even one swimmer went … Continue reading

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Asynchronous and Awkward

Asynchrony: In which two or more things have failed to synchronize. Occurrence at different times. For me, and for other gifted and twice-exceptional young adults, it is asynchrony in our development which turns our abilities into challenges. It is when several … Continue reading

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A New Direction

I have an idea. Imagine country where a person’s worth was based on their character, and every person had an equal voice in their society. Money is strictly used for trading, and everyone has a guaranteed minimum income. What if teachers, nurses, … Continue reading

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GHF Online: Environmental Science in U.S. History

You may have heard that I’m teaching a class for GHF Online next semester. The rumors are true! I will be teaching Environmental Science in U.S. History, aimed at 5th to 9th grades academically (I don’t care how old your kid is). We’ll … Continue reading

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Monstrous Minds

The gifted mind, as you may know, is akin to a voracious monster who eats knowledge. Occasionally said monster becomes full for a while, and needs a nap to digest. You may have experienced periods where you or your child suddenly … Continue reading

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What I learned in Grad School, Fall 2014 edition

The term ended last week, and my brain is starting to process everything, and goodness, was there a lot to process. I met forty-odd new people with whom I will be spending the next two school years (about another year and … Continue reading

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Injustice for all

I am angry. I am angry that innocent people are turned away, locked up, and shot down every day. I am angry that our justice system denies justice to those who ask nothing more than a fair, unbiased trial. I … Continue reading

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Algae blooms, chicken wire, and thinking differently

Wherein I explain my brain using lake ecology analogies. Because science. I was learning about nutrient cycling in class a few weeks ago, and how the limiting nutrient in lakes was known to be either carbon, nitrogen, or phosphorus, but scientists didn’t know … Continue reading

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