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A New Era

The general consensus seems to be that 2016 was not a good year. For me as an individual, it was pretty good: I finished my Master’s degree, I’m doing more teaching and tutoring, and my partner and I celebrated our … Continue reading

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Psychology and the Human Family

I had a new experience recently. I met a trans woman, and heard her story. I have met many young people who are trans or gender-nonconforming, but never heard from someone of an older generation. Before hearing her speak, I … Continue reading

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A History Buff’s Hero(ine), Hillary Clinton

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with history. Specifically, American cultural history during the American Revolution, Civil War, pioneer, Victorian, and civil rights eras. A lifelong romantic, I was fascinated by the courting rituals, fashions, and gender separation of … Continue reading

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A world of sHell

Right now there is an oil drilling platform, owned by Shell, just off the coast of Washington State, within kayak distance. I know that last part because on Saturday, May 16, approximately five hundred kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and even one swimmer went … Continue reading

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Today is the 50th anniversary of the march to Selma, Alabama, and International Women’s Day. Everyone is celebrating how far we’ve come. But I wonder… have we? Have we really made progress in racial and gender equality? Let’s review some … Continue reading

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A New Direction

I have an idea. Imagine country where a person’s worth was based on their character, and every person had an equal voice in their society. Money is strictly used for trading, and everyone has a guaranteed minimum income. What if teachers, nurses, … Continue reading

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